"If you like our Project, you can support us, and help us to bring People, the Gospel of Jesus"


We thank you for your support

Would you like to support our project "JONTE"? You are welcome to do this as usual by donating money. Please find below our data for the donation account and the respective projects.

However, if you would prefer to support our project personally with your skills and abilities, this would of course also be possible, please contact us. This is not only possible if you are a trained carpenter, plumber or farmer, but also if you like to be physically active and have a knack for conversion or gardening work.

At the moment we are working on several construction sites and would need your financial support. Our current projects are the following:

You can also donate as usual by bank transfer:

Dalslands Sparbank

Bruno Bürge / Jonte

Skalasen 1:4
46472 Haverud



IBAN:        SE678 0000 8234 7003 6178 655


Help us to master everydays live
Since 01.01.2020 we have arrived at the new home of JONTE. The search was not easy and many low blows were not missed, but God carried out His plan with JONTE and led us to Sweden, more precisely to Håverud. The renovation work on this big and wonderful project is very time consuming. Besides wood-heating installation, renovation, installation and much more, there is not much time to do a job that would bring in money. But God has always blessed us abundantly through his grace and we have not lacked anything. The construction of the mission centre and the income from it are still pending - until we have built everything. Therefore, if you would like to support us financially to lead the work forward, we are grateful for every contribution to our daily well-being. May God bless you abundantly for everything. Especially for your prayers.

Small but urgent needs
In order for us to help the people in our area and for you to feel comfortable with us, we urgently need to install a toilet on the upper floor. At the moment there is only one toilet for the whole house. Thank you also for your support.

The garden for the future
Creating a garden requires a lot of strength, patience, skill but also finances. We need not only trees and bushes but also vegetables, berries and cereals. We would like to serve these to our guests in the stuga or in the cooking courses or in our therapy centre. Furthermore we would like to sell our products in the cities and give them to our project. Join us and make Jonte a self-sufficient project.

Bigger but not luxurious
Currently Jonte has a deep and quite small kitchen, to change this we make the cultivation of about 5m. But to have a kitchen in the new extension where we can give cooking classes about healthy food, we need a kitchen. Jonte is always trying to keep the costs as low as possible and is looking for a second hand kitchen. Nevertheless, it will cost about 1000 Euro. If you feel addressed we would be glad about your support.

The idea behind it
The space in the house is quite decent for the four of us - but in March and autumn, we will already grow at least twice as much. So there is not much room for visitors. For lectures and cooking classes we would unfortunately have no room at the moment, and we also lack the space for therapy applications. Would you like to support us so that we can enlarge the available space and invite guests for lectures, cooking classes, health lectures, therapy applications and much more? Then we would be very happy about financial support.

Mission in the cities
In order to reach the people in the cities, we would like to sell our vegetables and fruits, as well as some handmade specialties at the market. This includes the health books of EGW and other good cookbooks as well as health brochures and books. In order to be able to do this, our trailer would have to be somewhat overhauled. If you would like to help us to achieve this, we thank you in advance.

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