A new mission-project in Sweden

Visions - new project
We have waited, hoped and prayed for this for a long time and now the time has come - we are proud to present our new project in Sweden. It is a home where people are welcome, where they can recover. A place of mission of help and visions for the future. Self-sufficiency, health center, sale of organic products, book mission, bible study, rental of the stuga/guest house, food truck with healthy vegan food, health care and lectures and much much much more...

We have many visions for Sweden and the people around us. We were able to learn and implement many things in Switzerland, which we would like to continue here. Above all we want to practice the love of Christ and pass it on to the people and not only in theory. Christ's love and helpfulness is an example for us.

The Land

With its 10 million inhabitants and 450'295 km² of land, Sweden is one of the least populated countries. Most people in Sweden are atheists, and the country also ranks first in the world charts of the "fowid" among the most non-religious countries in the world. It is known for its progressive thinking and wants to operate completely cashless for the year 2023. But Sweden is not only known for this. Sweden is the little Canada of Europe, the stately forests and undeveloped areas are just coming in for hiking and pilgrimage.

The property

The property itself covers 4.3 ha, of which one is a small piece of forest and the other is arable land and meadows. On the property there are at present a main building, a stuga, three outbuildings (partly renovated) and a big bill (about 40m long). The main building with its 7 rooms is being renovated and overhauled by us. The stuga with 4 sleeping places is already completely renovated. The property is completely sunny. Due to the already constructed drainage channels on the plot the fields and meadows are well drained.  The land offers a lot of possibilities for use and planting.  The wells which have already been drilled are located at a depth of approx. 30 and 70 metres respectively.  Next to the land there are two bigger lakes which we are authorized to use.  It is a beautiful country in the middle of a huge forest plot.


The surroundings

Our neighbours are about 1.2 km away and the nearest town is 16.6 km away. There are shopping facilities of all kinds as well as DIY stores and a hospital. The aqueduct in Haverud is a well-known and much visited destination. In addition, Haverud has a canal museum, a famous fish smokehouse, several cafés, souvenir shops, a tourist information office for Dalsland and - last but not least - four locks. Håverud is also the starting point for many boat trips on the Dalsland Canal. If you are a good walker and have a head for heights, you can also walk over the trough bridge, which is a good 32 metres long, or climb up from Dalsland Center to the road bridge and see the buildings from a bird's eye view. In Dalsland (Ed) itself there is also a moose park, because unfortunately most people - like us so far - are not allowed to see a moose live.

The Vision 2020

Our visions for the year 2020 are already in full swing. With the new windows that we have now been able to install, the house is now in a good state of repair in terms of insulation. The façade is being cleaned and partly repainted. The cellar, which unfortunately was in a very desolate condition, was cleaned up, cleared of dirt and damage and dried out. Two of the partly renovated rooms have now been completely renovated, insulated and repaired by us, another 5 rooms are still waiting. The workshop was furnished and is ready for use. These are only some of the works we can tell you about. (as of 07.01.2020) As this new project is a non-profit project, all income will be used for the supply of our employees and the renovation and construction work.

Further projects at the house would be:
Barn extension for vehicles and repair workshop as well as stable for working sheep (wool and grazing), repair of further stugas for visitors and employees. Extension of the main house for a larger kitchen (vegan - healthy cooking classes and creation of herbal remedies). Planting of a herb and vegetable garden with greenhouses for self-sufficiency.

Mission projects in the area:
As I mentioned before, Sweden is one of the atheist countries in the world. Many people have nothing in common with faith anymore. Because of their more withdrawn way of life, they say, it can seem difficult to get in touch with them, but so far we can only report positive experiences. We have met very obliging people who we have quickly taken into our hearts. That is why we would like to rekindle the reformation here in Sweden and bring the faith but also the health message closer to the people. Through our engagement we hope that people will get to know Christ as he meets us in the Bible, lovingly and full of compassion.

What we plan:
In Switzerland we have had some wonderful and blessed experiences with our mission trailer. Now we take our faithful companion with us to Sweden. Here he will be converted into a food trailer and used again. We would like to sell our home-grown vegetables and fruits or preserves and also put out valuable health books, flyers and tracts that help people to eat better and healthier. We also have health aids such as our "cold shot" or a "wound healing ointment" in addition to several homemade spreads and breads. Christ not only provided people spiritually, but also with food. He took care of their health and helped them wherever He could. This is what we also want. We also want to offer people a place where they can seek refuge. A lovely family with a child would like to join the project this year and offer their child a place where they can grow up in the country. With their talents they would like to support the work and make a valuable contribution. Also young people who have no prospects or want to experience a missionary year are welcome. We would like to give them an experience that can enrich their whole life through work in the garden, as well as in the mission and with family connections. Through the addition to the main house we hope to take this step and invite people who want to learn how to eat healthy, balanced and vegan food. In the fall, a dear friend will join our team and settle on the farm with us. She is currently training as a medical missionary and will join our team next fall in the areas of massage, natural remedies, wraps and health therapies. We are looking forward to it. Joshua White will be coming to Sweden for the first time in his missionary work to speak about the possibilities and dangers of media in children. Many other ideas are in our cooks, such as a Christmas stall in the largest shopping centre in Mellerud. The local church offers extra stalls for this, which we would like to use. A mission Christmas stand in the heart of a small town.

You can always see how things are progressing and what we have already achieved with God's help in our blogs, which we would like to maintain more regularly from now on.



We are always very grateful for support. Whether it is through finances or through man- or women-power we are very grateful for every help.

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