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A place for health and education

JONTE is a new association for the education of people in health, lifestyle and faith. We want to show people how they can work for God and share the Gospel. In a time when God is forgotten or misunderstood, we want to pass on to people the love and grace of God in Jesus Christ, our Saviour. This includes not only biblical education, but also a variety of different areas of life.

Din JONTE - Education & Health Center

Christ allone - our hope

Christ - crucified because of our sins, Christ - risen from the dead, Christ - ascended into heaven, that is the knowledge of salvation.

Ellen Gold White


Would you like to learn more about our educational program?  Then please be patient, we are working on it and will be able to give you more information shortly.

Health & Lifestyle

Would you like to learn more about food and its effects on body and mind? Then visit our blog and learn more soon with us personally. We take the Bible, science and the spirit of prophecy as our teaching on health and lifestyle.


We love to spread the Word of God in all nations and languages, proclaiming the love of Christ that brings joy and peace in all hearts. The gospel of the imminent return of Jesus Christ.


Would you like to get in touch with us? Please send us a mail, we will try to answer as soon as possible.

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